Thanks to everyone who has read Quilly and written a review! I feel so validated by all the great reviews and I appreciate my readers enthusiasm. Check out the rest of my website to see what different people have had to say. I hope you will enjoy the book, too.

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New book Quilly

Quilly is only available as an electronic book on Amazon or through this website. After you read it, please, please take the time to write a review. Thanks.

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I’m just sure you are going to love Quilly, the main character in my new book. She’s warm; she’s funny; she’s human. She actually came to life for me and helped me write the book. For instance, I did not know that she would give me a surprise ending that I just love and I know you will too.

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Long day’s journey into meditation

Today was my first day back at work after a week’s vacation. Well, I did take care of a four and a six year-old for that week which was no vacation even though I loved doing it. My granddaughters are truly awesome! But there’s always the next week when you play catch-up and pay for all that fun. After working all day and running late most of the time, I feel like an empty closet. There is nothing left to throw out or to give out. I’m mentally exhausted, still I find it hard to slow down. I could have a stiff drink, but I think I’ll try a little meditation which is kind of hard for the ADD types like myself. Maybe I’ll have more to offer tomorrow.

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Alzheimer’s disease

It’s the ghost under the pillow of every baby boomer. Currently it affects 15% of the population, not counting caregivers and family members. I know because my mother is one of that 15%. It is a horrible disease because you have to face two deaths—one when the patient’s personality dies and one when the physical death mercifully comes. In between there is only grief and fear. I understand the fear, too, in a very special way, because my great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother have all had the disease. It would be almost foolish on my part to think I shall escape it. Today I made the decision to find out if I have the gene that increases my chances of acquiring the disease.Tomorrow or the next day I will get a small test tube in a box in the mail. I will take that tube and have someone fill it with my blood and then return it to the company that does the testing. It will not tell me for sure whether I will get Alzheimer’s but only if I have a higher likelihood than most. On the one hand, I feel like I need to face and prepare for this possible eventuality, on the other hand, I am scared to death. No matter what, I will continue to exercise and eat well as these have been shown to be two major ways to possibly delay or ward off the illness. And then I will hope. I am currently taking two prescription food supplements for the disease. I try to remember than no one can predict the future. It is not suggested that people be routinely tested because the results in fact are not totally accurate as far as prediction is concerned. I will write again when I have results in hand.

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White collar crime

Just read an interesting book called Anatomy of Violence that proposes, with good scientific evidence to back it up, that people who commit white collar crimes may have better ability to tune into their surroundings and have better executive functioning than normal individuals. Imaging studies such as PET scans have shown that they have an area in the brain specifically attuned to abstract rewards, especially money. In other words, their brains actually function somewhat differently from people that do not carry out such crimes. The book also profiles the brain and environmental abnormalities seen in sociopathic personalities. A really good read. It also raises the possibility that these people are predisposed biologically to commit crimes and therefore raises a question of whether “free will’ really does exist in a pure form. Maybe Bernie Madoff was biologically smarter than the people that he duped—at least until he got caught.

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Writers League of Texas

I will be attending a 3 day conference in Austin with literary agents, editors and publishers from all over the United States the third weekend in June. This will give me a chance to network with other successful authors and perhaps start promoting my new book “Quilly”.

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A New Book

I am currently about two-thirds the way through my second book and can’t wait to introduce you to my main character Quilly. Stay tuned!

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Book Review

I will be giving a book review of EMPIRE LOST at the Wimberley Library on Monday February 25th at 6 PM. I invite you to come and hear why I wrote this book, questions that the book poses, and a few readings from the book. I think you’ll find it to be an enjoyable experience.

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CEO Salaries

Just a few statistics for you to chew on. Come to your own conclusions.
In 1980, CEO’s made 42x what blue collar workers made. In 2011, CEO’s were making 380x a workers’ average pay. This is the largest gap in the world.
The median expected salary for a typical CEO is currently $732,317, but the highest paid CEO made $131 million dollars.
Scott Decarlo, editor of Forbes Statistics Department noted that often the boss’s salary out strips investor gains.
So what does that tell you?

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