To celebrate completion of her first book, Empire Lost, Jan Strickland jumped out of a perfectly good airplane in her first tandem sky dive.

The eldest of five children, Jan was born in Houston, Texas to the COO of a small oil tool company and a homemaker/bookkeeper.

She earned her B.A. in biology at the University of Texas at Austin. Always a good daughter, Jan followed her mother’s advice, earned her medical degree and spent the last 32 years practicing Internal Medicine in the Houston area.

Empire Lost is Jan’s first novel. The genesis of Empire Lost occurred in the mid 2000′s as Jan became increasingly fascinated as she watched one CEO after another indicted. What was going on inside these large corporations? Empire Lost is the result of Jan’s research into that time period. A composite of many stories, Empire Lost exposes and explains the ideas and deeds that brought those executives from accolades in the business world to accusations in the courtroom.

To mark her second book, Jan is giving herself a book party for her family and friends! Quilly is Jan’s second book, after her first book Empire Lost was phenomenally successful. Quilly was inspired by a real person, a black maid born in the early 1900’s in a small Texas town. She worked for a white family and hers is the story of life’s adventures both as an individual and how her life was enmeshed with the family that employed her. Fascinated with the sparse facts of her actual life, her ghost comes to life to create a beautiful story about a mulatto woman who inadvertently finds out the identity of her real father which leads on to a situation that becomes fused with both love and denial. It is the moment when family obligations and abandonment are merged as both nobility and cowardice. Indeed the truth can be a wicked thing. See how Quilly resolves these situations and creates a new life for herself.

Jan has two grown children and lives in Wimberley, Texas with her husband Cliff. She is currently researching topics for her third.

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  1. Mara Cardwell says:

    It was really nice meeting Jan last Saturday and after visiting this website, I will be purchasing her book–especially now that I have met her. I look forward to reading her book(s) as soon as I get a little time away from my book and my art. Best Regards, Mara

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