Keith fought his way into corporate America, trading in his old life and wife as he climbed the ladder at an energy company, ultimately ruling his empire as one of the richest, most powerful men in America. He was well on his way to living his dreams until the board room battles escalated into a tsunami of disaster with the stakes raised to threaten his very life.

It’s all in Empire Lost, the new novel by Jan Strickland!

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What was it like to be biracial in the early 1900’s in a small white southern town where the division between black and white was wide and you fell through that crack. The prejudice was both-sided and neither race wanted to claim you. Then Quilly has the experience after many years of finding her real father and it makes her world and it breaks her world into a thousand pieces which she manages to somehow patch together again into a story of love. The love, however, is not for the father, but for the son, Quilly’s closest childhood companion, and is therefore taboo. How does Quilly manage to circumvent the circumstances and create a love beyond all other love? The subjects are bold: abandonment, near death experience, ambition, charges of attempted murder and incest. Hers is a thrilling life story and one that you’re unlikely to forget any time soon.

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  1. I’ve got Empire Lost on my Kindle now and don’t think I’ll get much work done today – I’m already engrossed in the story. Bravo!

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