Welcome to the official site of Jan Strickland, author of Empire Lost. Jan’s background in science seemed at odds with being an artist, but after 32 years as an internal medicine physician, the creative side of her personality refuses to be ignored.

In addition to Empire Lost, Jan has written an unpublished book of poetry and has two other novels in the works. Jan is excited about this new chapter in her life. Join her as she explores new creative outlets and enjoy the results of her adventures in writing!

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4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Carolyn Starr says:

    Congratulations!! You never stop growing!!

  2. Jerry Everett says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your brand new baby book !

    All that time, effort, and research has paid off well !!!


  3. charles says:

    I do love the site, Jan. I promise to pay more attention!

  4. stan starrett says:

    I really didn’t know what a blog was, now I do. I will continue to follow your comments. I have read QUILLY and I did enjoy it and I did post my comments about your book on AMAZON. Best of luck..stan

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